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15th May @ Mandy's House - 8.00pm
9 Bolton Close

10th July @ Julia's House - 8.00pm
127 Beechwood Avenue

24th July - 11.00 @ Coombe Park
Bring a picnic & meet us by the play area.

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Heidi Crowter has her own website! Please visit!

An Interview with Steve, Liz and Heidi will be on Premier Radio on the 24th of May @ 9.00. The reprint of Surprise Package will be released in the same month.

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Best company for children with Down syndrome

Down syndrome is a lifelong condition. This health problem encompasses a series of physical and mental traits that are caused by a gene and it occurs even before birth. But with care and proper support, children with Down syndrome can develop into independent grownups. They have a degree of intellectual disability and certain features such as short neck and flat face, but they can learn how to have a happy, healthy and productive life.

What type of company do they need?

Scientists state that risks of having a baby with Down syndrome are increased when the mother is 35 or older. In case it runs in your family and one of your relatives suffer from this condition, your baby can be born with Down syndrome, too. Some of the characteristics of children with Down syndrome are small mouth, slanting eyes, small ears and a flat face. Arms and legs of the sufferers are shorter, they have below-average intelligence and their muscle tone will improve only by late childhood.

Because most of the children with Down syndrome are born with intestine, breathing, ear or heart problems, they may need additional care. Children and adults can join therapy groups to improve their skills and minimize the disadvantages they were born with. Yet you must keep in mind that a kid with Down syndrome will likely take more time than other kids to achieve certain goals. He will need guidance to strengthen the muscle tone through direct play and you should consider going to a physical therapist as well.

Self-feeding will be an important step that will be reached with countless difficulties. But as a parent of a child with Down syndrome you have to be patient and seek for the advice of professionals whenever you need. Keep in mind to establish a rigorous routine where grooming and hygiene will be taken care of. In addition to this, encourage him or her to always socialize and make friends in London, because life offers plenty of beautiful surprises.

Stroll in London’s parks

Meet a companion from if you want to go for a walk in a park and breathe the fresh air together. Play some interesting sports with your companion, go in a green corner where chirping birds cheer up the atmosphere and enjoy the simple pleasures such as a cold tea or sweet ice cream in a hot day. These days are really exceptional in London.

Down syndrome does not have to bring you down. Individuals with Down syndrome are becoming increasingly integrated in community and society, including health care systems, school, social activities, work forces and recreational actions. About 80% of patients can reach age 60, but it is not uncommon for them to live even longer. With proper care and support, individuals with Down syndrome will lead a happy and fruitful life. However, one thing is for sure: patients with Down syndrome will never accept to stay down.